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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Perfect Fit

We all know what the elephant in the room is when it comes to stylish outfits. It's the uncomfortable, ill fitting bra situation. The bra is a major component in how clothing will fit and look on you. So although we don't like to think about it (or shop for it). We may need to start paying more attention to our bras including fit, color, and which ones are appropriate for what styles. 

I'm teaming up with Kohl's to talk all about this shunned word, bra. When my "bra care package" arrived, I was surprised how well all the bras fit! Finding the perfect bra has always been difficult for me because I have a full bust but a small frame so the popular dainty bras just don't cut it for me because they never give me the coverage and support I need.

Kohl's has an amazing bra fit guide for those who don't quite know their bra size. I never thought of Kohl's as a place to purchase bra's but when I visited their store I was pleasantly surprised at the large intimates department. For my busty gals, they even have a full figured section which offers cup sizes for C and up and frame sizes from 34 and up. Their online bra selection is just as plentiful. 

I finally have various well fitting bras but my favorite has to be the Bali Full Figured T-Shirt Bra. It trumps all bra's when it comes to comfort and coverage. Its great for anything from t-shirts and blouses to sweaters. It's definitely a go-to bra that ride up, poke or sag. The bra of the summer, however, has to be the strapless bra for all the shoulder and collar bone bearing looks. 

I decided to create a guide on how to match your bra with the correct clothing. Hope it helps when shopping for your essentially bras. Shop Kohl's intimates and receive $10 off your $40 purchase by using code "Intimates10" until August 15th. Happy bra shopping!

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