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Friday, September 26, 2014

How to be a real life "Scandal" gladiator

As you may know the 4th season of Scandal has begun. If you're as Scandal obsessed I am, you understand how important Thursday nights are! If you have no idea what Scandal is or just dislike the show, I'm sure you can still get some life inspiration from this post. Being that this is my first lifestyle post, I would love your feedback! 

There are several things in Scandal that you probably shouldn't take after including having an affair with a married man (let alone the president!), covering up murder, and committing voting fraud. You know, don't try those at home. But Olivia Pope played by Kerry Washington can teach us ladies a few lessons on how to get things done, from one powerful women to us. Here are 3 ways to be a real life gladiator women, Scandal style! 

Just because you're stressed doesn't mean you should look like it.

If you know Miss Pope, you know that she is never caught at an unfashionable moment. Although she is a fictional character, there is something uplifting about knowing you are dressed well. Having a lot going in your life is no excuse for neglecting how you dress and it can quickly become a habit. In fact, dressing well has been proven to change your outlook on life and leave you feeling like you can conquer anything. Some Olivia most powerful outfits led her through some big decisions in the show including her chic cream coats and one fabulous ball gown. Always dress based on how you want to feel that day, not based on how you actually feel.

When an issue comes your way "handle it"

For those Scandal addicts, you all are very familiar with the phrase "it's handled" assuring us that Queen Olivia Pope has got the issue covered. As soon she say that phrase, we instantly know things will get done not necessarily because of the words but the confidence behind it.

Most of the time when issues or trials come our way we're quick to pull the "pity me" card asking "why me?". Every "scandal" Olivia experience and "handled" brought her closer to her true self. Trials are put in your path for two important reasons: education and growth. The sooner you embrace that, the easier it will be to pick your emotions off the floor and keep moving until that issue is "handled"!

 A little bit of "wine time" never hurt anyone

No, I'm not encouraging you all to become alcoholics. Olivia Pope always took time out of her hectic life to have her daily glass (sometimes more) of wine. It was her form of "me time" and personal reflection. It just happened to include of class of wine.  Whatever your guilty pleasure is take time out to relax and indulge. You've worked hard for it. 

Sometimes we try to do it all for others, but never remember to take time out of our day for our own personal enjoyment. It can be hard for us to pull ourselves away from the hustle but moments of enjoyment are essential in order for your work to flourish. Some of us have forgotten what it felt like to do something for us without any ulterior motive besides our own pleasure. You'd be surprised how inspired you become when you get back to working. So pop open whatever that bottle of wine is in your life and start enjoying! And hey, if it happens to actually be wine all the merrier! 

Now I leave you with the powerful words of Miss Pope, 
"Whatever happens, there's always another move. 
Whatever happens, we don't give up." 

Hope you all enjoyed my Scandal inspired advice! Stay tuned every other Friday for lifestyle post including advice, inspiration, food, travel, and even some DIY tips! For another inspiration post, head to my recent LinkedIn post, Failure is Only a Disguised Opportunity

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