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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Beauty Trends: Reds, Purples, & Dewy Looks

Fall Beauty Trends: Reds, Purples, & Dewy Looks

When it works:
- It works best when your make-up remains neutral.
- Use with a bronze and blush color palette.
- Goes well with a pink or nude lip
- Transitional from day to night and perfect for all seasons
- Achievable with all skin tones

How to wear:
- Give your face the appearance of being highlighted, vibrant and moist with cream blush and  highlighting cream. 
- You can also use bronzer and/or cream eye shadow to highlight as well.
- Focus on three main areas: cheek bones, bridge of nose, and directly above the eyebrows.
- Dab highlighting cream ( you could also use beige or light brown eyeshadow/ bronzer depending on  skin tone) on the bridge of nose, upper cheek bones and a little above the eyebrows with one          finger. Continue to pat area until even. (Make sure not to pat too much you still want the highlighted  area to be noticeable.)
- Apply cream blush (or pink creamy eye shadow) below cheek bones and highlighted area.

Best products:
- NARS 'The Multiple' Copacabana (great for highlightening because of its shimmery tone; serves as  lip shine and eyeshadow as well so it's a great buy!) 
- NARS 'The Multiple' Palm Beach (bronze tone for highlighting darker skin; same multi-purpose  qualities)
- Tarte Airblush Maracuja Blush ( Shimmering Poppy for dark skin tones; Shimmering Peach for  light to medium skin tones) 

Fall Beauty Trends: Purple Lips

When it works:
- I especially love purple lipstick on darker skin women! But it also has a nice contrast on olive skin  tones as well. 
- This is most definitely a night lip color so when the sun goes down bring out the purple.
- Perfect for the fall and winter seasons 

How to wear:
- Those with lighter skin tones should search for purple with a red undertone.
- Those with darker skin should go with a blue undertone purple lipstick.
- A great way to make your color last is by applying a red underneath your choice of purple lipstick

Best products:
- YSL N 58 (great for lighter skin tones)
- MAC 'The Matte Lip Collection' Heroine (perfect choice for medium to dark skin tones)
- Smashbox Red Grape (if red & purple got married; the ultimate berry color for all skin tones)

Fall Beauty Trends: Red Lips

When it works:
- This fun pop of color is perfect for a night out on the town or even to your 9 to 5. Definitely not to a  job interview though, that would be way too distracting. 
- It goes great with every skin tone and the rest of your makeup should be neutral so that your lips  pop. 
- Wearing a simple look? A red lip is the perfect accessory. 
- Although vibrant lips orange-red lips never go out of style, dark red matte lips are so in this fall! 

How to wear:
- It's best to line your lips unless you have a really good hand because reds can get a bit messy. 
- To make your lipstick last longer and appear darker for the fall fill in your lips the a dark brown  pencil before apply your lipstick.
- Beware of lipstick on teeth syndrome! After applying lipstick stick one finger in your mouth and  close your lips. This will remove any lipstick from the inner layers of your lips. 

Best products:
- Smashbox Legendary Lipstick (my personal favorite see how I wore it here)
- MAC Retro Matte Lipstick Ruby Woo (a popular favorite)
- NARS Heat Wave Semi Matte Orange Red (perfect for the young, risk takers)
- Tom Ford Scarlet Rouge (splurge)

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