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Monday, December 22, 2014

Fashion Blogger Probs: Bloopers

Many people ask who takes my blog pictures and rave over how nice they are (thanks to fellow blogger Rachelle) and how cool it is that I get take pictures of my outfits and be a "blogger". There are many things they don't know about blogging that we are all too familiar with, right fellow bloggers?

One of those "blogger problems" is going through some horrible, weird, awkward, "what was I even doing" photos to get to the ones that we don't completely hate haha. As a matter a fact, some don't even make it to the blog! Rachelle and I have put together some of our best blooper photos from this year for your enjoyment and our embarrassment. We're human ya'll! I'm sure my blogger gals can relate to a few of these bloopers. But when we take each others blog photos we really have a blast! 

Enjoy and check out Rachelle's set of bloopers. Don't forget to link up your post below. I'll only be posting on Monday during the holiday break so we will still host the linkup.

Happy holidays ! xo 

It's funny to snap photos of me bent over -___-

That annoying moment when a car gets in your shot!

I'm convinced I have awkward leg syndrome... this time I was channeling my pre-teen ballerina days, I suppose. 

Or what about this weird flamingo pose? YAS WERK.

Sometimes I'm just over it... and hungry...

and hot... and tired... and wondering what I'm going to eat for lunch... sushi?

"Wait I wasn't ready!!" "Are you shooting or testing?"
The countless times I had no idea we were ready to shoot.

Sometimes you just have to take a nap in the middle of shooting and dream about something important... like Jake from Scandal. 

(I'll stand in the sun with you!)

10% of the time I'm being a complete goof ball just so that we don't die of monotonous boredom. 

Where da party at?! 

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