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Friday, December 12, 2014

Photo Diary: #ChaChaxMirage Take Key West

A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity of test driving the adorable Mitsubishi Mirage, which I conveniently named Miss Ruby because of its red color. She's a spunky little thing.  (P.S. She looks exactly like the red car emoji haha)

Don't let the size of the Mirage fool you! I was amazed at how spacious it was inside and the 4 doors plus 5 seats makes road trips super easy. However for this road trip, only two doors were used one for me and the other for my best friend. She's usually the one that always drives on road trips so it was nice to take her on a trip for once.

We headed to Key West for the day! Even though it rained all day that didn't stop us from exploring the town. A little rain never stopped a good adventure! With a car that goes an incredible 44 miles per gallon highway (my car is like a hummer compared to this fuel efficiency), you can't complain about a trip that cost less than $50 in gas. If I had the Mirage permanently, I'd be taking all types of road trips! 

My friend and I strolled down Duval Street, ate conch fritters and fish tacos at the iconic Margaritaville and visited landmarks such as the Southernmost Point of Florida. 

Here's a recap of some of my favorite features of the Mirage:
- Fuel efficiency (37mpg city/ 44 highway) 
- Bluetooth Capability (jamming to Spotify while driving is a regular thing for me so having    my phone wirelessly sync to play music and answer calls was a DREAM!)
- Lots of room for a compact car (seats 5 comfortably)
- Push to start and push to open technology (kinda wish my house door was like that)
- Great price point starting at $12,995 !

Below is a mini-photo diary of my Key West trip with the Mitsubishi Mirage and I compiled my tweets for a live play-by-play of my experience with
test driving Miss Ruby. 

*This post was sponsored by STI - The Drive Experience Company. All content, ideas, and opinions are my own. 

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