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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

4 Day Winter Packing Checklist

winter packing checklist | New York City

I'll be on a flight to New York City this morning and I'm not ready for the drastic change in temperature although it will be in the high 30's which is pretty good for up north weather. Things have been pretty hectic planning for this trip especially since I have an important meeting that I want to go seamlessly. So in order for me to organize my thoughts I created a blog post with a 4 day packing checklist. Yes, blogging actually helps my brain organize itself. 

 Here are the essentials I packed:

- 3 Plain long sleeve shirts: will be important to layer under all your sweaters, they are thin enough to keep you from looking bulky but still give you coverage. I grabbed 3 super soft long sleeve shirts from GAP and they are currently 50% off.

- 2 pullover sweaters in solid colors: It's great to stick with a chunky knit. If you can afford cashmere or wool, that's even better! 

- Patterned sweater: a packed a striped sweater just to break up the monotony

-  Plain black cardigan: that I will be wearing with a dress for my meeting. If you're going to a show in the city and are wearing a dress this is a great piece to keep you warm under your coat. I got mine from H&M for $15. LOFT also has some similar ones.

- Denim (preferable dark): All you really need is one pair but just in case you should pack two. I went with a true blue denim and a black denim. 

- Faux leather/ scuba legging: Perfect for longer fitting sweaters and comfy for a travel look. I'm wearing my usual faux leather legging that you always see on the blog to the airport. 

- Footed tights/ leggings: Give your legs the protection it needs from the cold when you're wearing a dress or skirt. If you're packing a dress/skirt this is essential! For my meeting dress, I packed a pair of thick footed tights that I had from my trip to New York 4 years ago. 

- Simple sweatpants: These multi-purpose pants can be for lounge in you hotel or as sleepwear. You can pair your long sleeve t-shirts with these sweatpants for comfy, warm pajamas.

- Meeting/work dress: I picked up this flattering sheath dress from J.Crew for my meeting. It's professional but still chic. There are many sizes available online and they are 40% off the sale price. 

- Long sleeve/ sweater dress: pair this with tights and a cardigan. It can go from day to night and it's just an extra outfit I packed jus in case. 

- Coat: the one item you DO NOT want to forget. Layering is nice but without a great coat it means nothing. This will be your saving grace against the cold temperatures. I packed my Guess double breasted black wool coat with gold accents. It's a classic and I've have it for 4 years. 

- Tall boots: thank God I got these Sam Edelman riding boots earlier this fall because they will be great for New York. a flat tall boot will work well for walking those city blocks. 

- Chunky heeled booties: I packed my ankle booties to go with the work dress because the heel elevates the look. Since the heel is chunky I'll still be able to walk through the city. 

- Sneakers: On my off days I'll be rocking the super comfortable RosheRuns and I may even keep them in my bag to change into after a meeting like a true New York native. They will for sure be on my feet at the airport because comfort is key. 

- Gloves: when the temperature drops at night you're going to be glad your hands are warm! 

- Beanie and/or floppy hat: if it snows, rains, or its just too darn cold for your ears its good to pack some hats. I packed both. 

- Chunky knit scarf: better than any other scarf you can ever pack. The thick knit with give you much needed extra warmth. I packed an old black one I had from J.Crew. Make sure it's a plain color so you can wear every outfit!

- Patterned Blanket scarf: I packed an extra plaid scarf to print mix with my striped sweater for a more refreshing outfit. I'll probably wear the plaid scarf to the airport as well. 

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