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Friday, January 23, 2015

Kickin' It + 10 Question Tag

Sporty Outfit Ideas | Weekend Wear

The only thing sporty about me is my love for sporty outfits, my obsession with watching NBA games, and my surprisingly decent understanding of the game of Football. So my idea of sport is comfort mixed with chic.

My cloud sneakers RosheRuns and I are bffs like white on rice. The flared skirt gives it a girl touch and the moto jacket adds some edge. Btw this moto jacket I found at ASOS is the business. Too bad I'm on a shopping break.

Happy Friday! xo 

Don't forget to checkout my 10 Question Tag below this post to learn a little bit more about me. Plus, see who I tagged! ;) 

Sporty Outfit Ideas | Weekend Wear

Sporty Outfit Ideas | Weekend Wear

Sporty Outfit Ideas | Weekend Wear
Photos: Rachelle; edited by me

V-neck shirt - J. Crew 
Moto jacket - Forever21(love this one from ASOS)
Flared skirt - J. Crew (similar)
Rosherun sneakers - Nike
Bucket bag - Zara (similar)
Cat eyed sunglasses - Kate Spade (similar)
Social media name plate - Taudrey
Michael Kors rose gold watch c/o J.R. Dunn 

10 Question Tag 

My blogger boo Marie Young from GoodLooknOut invited me to join the "10 Questions Tag" train line and since she threatened her nominees I figured I had no choice haha. No but really I thought it would be a great way for you all to get to know me a little better. :) 

1. What is the very first thing you do when you get up?
This sounds sooo bad but I check my phone. After all that's where my alarm needs to be snoozed turned off anyways. And yes I then proceed to scroll down Instagram all while trying to get my life. 
2. Why’d you start blogging?
I was a freshman in college and I wanted SO BAD to get a fashion journalism internship but no one wanted to give me a chance so I decided to create my own experience through a blog in 2010. It started off very editorial with lots of opinionated writing. Fun fact: My first post was on how Hugo Boss looks amazing on men. 
3. If you ONLY had a total of 4 stores to shop at, which would they be?
This is difficult because I never play favorites and my preferences change as I mature. As of now, I would choose Banana Republic, Piperlime, J. Crew, and Bloomingdale's.
4. Starbucks or Coffee Bean?
I've never had Coffee Bean but I'm a Starbucks gal. I'm a sucker for good branding and Starbucks kills it. Plus, their bacon gouda sandwich is HEAVEN. (side note: I study branding strategies in grad school so pardon my nerdy comment).
5. What’s your biggest regret (and don’t pull that “I have NO regrets” foolishness)?
I regret not studying abroad in undergrad. I was worried about taking out too much in student loans to pay for the trip and being out of my comfort zone, but travel adds so much depth to your life. Hopefully I will be able to visit places all over the world in the future to make up for it. 
6. If you could tell your ex ONE thing what would it be?
Absolutely nothing :) Boring answer I know... but when you take the time you need to get over someone you loved, you really have nothing to say to them because it no longer matters. Everything happens for a reason.
7. If you could have changed your college major without having to retake any classes, what would you have changed it to and why?
Probably political science because I am obsessed with politics and controversial issues a part of me wishes I was a political corespondent on CNN or part of White House Press Conferences. 
8. What are (3) of the coolest things you’ve accomplished this week? Need more time, give me a month?
Let's do a month. Since the new year began I have:
1. Gone to a major meeting with the marketing corporate office of a major department store as part of my final Master's thesis project. 
2. Reorganized my closet my styles and colors
3. Begun to start a collection of entries called "What I thought I knew" about my personal experiences and what I learned from them. Who knows it may turn into a book. haha but for now it adds perspective to my life
9. If you had to pick another country to live in for a year, where would it be and why?
SHANGHAI, CHINA! It's so fast paced and the hustle environment would fuel my ambition. Many companies are expanding stores to China so I'd definitely be able to take my career to a whole new level, international communications/marketing! AND have you seen the architecture there? Insane.  
10. If I asked were to ask your best friend what is the best/worst thing about you, what do you think they’d say?
Best: That I will literally make you laugh until you're about to pee in your pants.
Worst: That 9 times out of 10 I'm going to be late to that outing or event LOL
Thanks to Marie at GoodLooknOut for tagging me! This was fun! Now I guess I'm supposed to tag 5 people and give them 10 questions of my own. Hmmm. I choose Rachelle of PinkSole, Audrey of Lulu Linden, Kreyola of Kreyola's Journeys, Jessica of Bedknobs & Baubles, and Gina of On The Daily Express

Here are your questions gals:
1. What's your worst habit?
2. What do you put on your froyo (frozen yogurt)?
3. If you had to choose between traveling 5 years into the past or 5 years into the future, which would you choose and why? (And no you can't say neither!)
4. If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Why?
5. What song do you have on repeat right now?
6. What cause or issue in this world are you passionate about? 
7. Online shopping or in-store shopping? 
8. What style trend have you tried in the past that now makes you cringe? 
9. What is one thing that turns you off about a guy?
10. If you had to pick one fashion designer to be loyal to for 1 year, who would you choose? 

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