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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Easy Date Night Hairstyles with Head & Shoulders

Head & Shoulders Moisture Care Collection

I got the opportunity to review Head & Shoulders new Moisture Care hair products, the collection includes shampoo, 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, co-wash, and scalp soother. The main ingredients in these products are almond oil (which is high in vitamin E), coconut oil (giving it a delicious smell), and zinc pyrithione (to fight dandruff and flaking).
I must say that this isn't your usual Head & Shoulders product and this collection is perfect for those experiencing dryness. The co-wash was my favorite product and worked the best with my hair. It's basically like washing your hair with conditioner so it doesn't strip your hair of nutrients and moisture but still leaves it clean. Its great to use in between wash days since too much shampooing can leave hair dry. The scalp soother leaves your scalp feeling minty and fresh because of the peppermint oil for instant scalp relief, another great product in the Head & Shoulders Moisture Care collection.

Final thoughts, blowdrying and detangling was super easy after the co-wash. I would highly recommend the co-wash to those with textured, relaxed and/or dry prone hair.

Soft Curls for Short Hair
My favorite and quickest way to get soft curls for my short hair is with a flat iron. Here's the quick tutorial on how to get this look for date night. I promise it gets easier the more you practice! Just ask Rachelle, she's a pro now!

1. Grab a 1 inch piece of hair (I like to start on one side and move to the opposite side

2. Drag flat iron to the tips of hair and roll it in, away from your face

3. Leave piece twisted for about 7-8 seconds. (High heat can damage hair, I suggest keeping it at 250. 

4. Do this to the rest of your head then use fingers to separate the curls. If they look really tight don't worry they will loosen out. 

5. Finish off with a light hold hairspray. 

How to curl hair with a flatiron

Soft Curls with a Flatiron

Soft Curls for Short Hair

Braided Crown with Side Part

I'm always a fan of braided hairstyles. For date night, this simple yet chic style can be dressed up or down. This hairstyle works best when your has a bit of thickness or texture to grip. So when blowdrying try not to make it too straight and skip the flatiron. This will give you a thicker, more defined braid. 

1. Part hair on the side

2. Begin braiding hair on one side, once you reach the back braid to the end of the strands and apply a pin to hold braid in place

3. Start braiding on opposite side, once you reach the back, finish braiding to the end of the strands

4. Tuck ends in on either side and pin into place

5. Make sure no braided pieces are visible 

6. Use light hairspray to hold strands in place 

Braided Crown with Side Part

Braided Crown with Side Part
Hair photos: Rachelle; edited by me

Do you have any special date night hairstyles in mind for Valentine's Day? 

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