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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June Lust List

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Summer is almost here and it's time to start thinking about belly bearing, light weight skirts and the perfect accessories. This month's 'Lust List' represents a free and relaxed vibe most people should have during the summer months. 

It's all about the chunky heels that won't kill your feet after a night out but still look killer and the comfort flats with a hint of print for those errand running days. Don't you just love this flowy white skirt with tassel detail?! It's summer personified. I'm waiting for a sale to scoop it up. Hopefully it won't be sold out. For busty gals like me, the new athletic crop top swim trend is just what we needed. I so want this crop top swimsuit. I don't know why I haven't pulled the trigger on them yet. 

The perfect summer accessories include nail polish (these give a gel-like coat that doesn't require a soak off or UV light), mirrored sunnies that are inexpensive enough to lose and not ruin your entire day and the perfect bucket bag, which I think this Tory Burch beauty is pretty close to perfect. 

Happy humpday! xo 

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