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Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Faves: Great Friends, Good Eats, Local Spots

Friday Faves: Great Friends, Good Eats, Local Spots

Wednesday I was able to dine at Scarpetta in Fontainbleau with my coworkers and it was heaven goodness on earth. We had the tasting menu where we tasted several different dishes on the menu that were brought out theme by theme. The table's favorite was definitely the creamy polenta with fricassee of truffled mushrooms. 

Saturday Soiree
Head to The Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach for a Saturday by the pool. Saturday has feel good tunes and complimentary pool access for visitors around the area and locals! Purchase a chair for $25 and enjoy the beautiful outdoor amenities, live DJ and outdoor games. They even have the pink flamingo and donut floaties waiting for you! Cabanas and day beds are also available for purchase. 

Outgoing Friends:
I have very few friends but I thank God for the great ones that I have. It was Rachelle's birthday yesterday --- wish her a happy birthday! Woot woot! But I met her through blogging and we've taken our friendship way outside blogging to the point where if either of us stopped blogging we would still be close. It's so important to have friends that are open to explore new parts of a city, travel accross country and really have a judge free good time when you go out! If you watch my Snapchat stories (@chachhaaa) you know Rachelle and I are alwaysssssss out. 

Another day, another sneaker I want! I have been wanting a red sneaker for a while now but these New Balances with navy accents are so classic! 

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