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Monday, October 19, 2015

One Chapter Closes, Another Opens

It's time for me to say goodbye. This blog has been a long journey for me. I first started blogging when I was 19 years old the summer after my freshman year of college. My eyes were set on being a fashion journalist and no internships opportunities were available until my junior year of college but my mind was set on gaining experience early. As I sat on my back porch, I created a simple blogspot site in one day with no knowledge of what blogging could be or the state of what journalism would be by the time I was ready to start my career (or whether I even still would want that career).  My main goal... experience. 

This blog has grown and transformed into a site that I could showcase my style, give advice, make friends, but ALSO showcased my abilities as I moved along in my schooling and career. From freelance social media positions to the very job I am at right now, my blog literally had a direct impact on that particular part of my life. Needless to say my blog has served it's initial purpose.  As I begin to grow in my career my priorities and even interests are changing.

The first instinctual reaction when you're letting something go is to make excuses for why you had to because many people feel as though letting go is negative. But just like a book you have to move on from one chapter in order for the next chapter to start. My journey with blogging has taught me so much about life, business, friends and it even gave me one of my best friends, Rachelle. I have never read so many blogs that I felt like I knew the bloggers personally. I'll truly miss all of you! 

I'm excited to discover what my new chapters will be and to grow in my career. I'll surely be taking up new hobbies (tried aerial yoga for the first time this weekend and fell in love) and traveling (my trip is booked to California this December with Rachelle, Daphnee and Jewel and I can't wait to finally explore the west coast). My love for fashion is engraved in me so you'll still see some outfit shots on Instagram and I will for sure keep the Snapchats rolling (@chachhaaa)! 

Thank you SO MUCH to all my followers for your continuous support and kind words! Best wishes to you all! 

xo, Cha Cha 

Photos: Rachelle; edited by me

Top: Express
Jeans: PacSun (similar)
Sneakers: KicksUSA
Necklace: RocksBox
Sunglasses: Ray-ban 

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